Logo digitizing - step by step guide
Logo digitizing - step by step guide

How to Digitize a Logo for Embroidery- Digitizing Steps

A logo is an iconic way of revealing and promoting your brand worldwide. But what if it is converted from a simple logo to an embroidered one? Don’t you think it would be more attention-grabbing for the branding of your business? 

Logo digitization is a landmark in branding. Most people are busy lining a logo one by one to build a website and use it as a status symbol for their business or brand’s promotion. That’s why digitized logos have logo digitizing come into existence.

But not only for a website but personal branding is now becoming a tremendous trend in the marketing world. 

It is all a matter of time; now, advanced technology takes the place of human designers. Logo designing is an art; machines are not as creative as humans; they create a logo design and let the machine handle its digitization. 

First, you need to take a look at the benefits of logo digitization for embroidery to know how logo digitization mesmerizes the designing, branding, and fashion industry. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Logo Digitization for Embroidery

Digitized logos have become famous among designers, developers, and corporate brands. 

There is no harm in trying it out once in a blue moon, although logo digitization is a well-refined and cost-saving process. Working professionals in the fashion industry are taking more interest in digitization. Various fashion brands are lining up logo digitization to give a sense to their business, and somehow both fields are interconnected in terms of work. 

If you think digitizing a logo for embroidery is the easiest process, then you need to revise your thought because the digitization process is way beyond a small design. 

Moreover, smart ways of digitizing make the process easier for both the branding team and cooperative individuals. More people are taking advantage of this advanced technique to create a trend in fashion. Artists use this technique to build their name in graphic design. 

You can also learn this method, take benefits and cater your services to clients around the world. You need to work hard to increase your profit margin.

Killer Steps for How to Digitize a Logo for Embroidery Digitizing 

To avoid messing up the digitization in the end, you need to take assistance from the following guidelines. Make it well-knitted by your side. The machine hasn’t a creative mindset!

Uploading & editing an illustration

The process is very simple. Upload a picture to the software, whether the file is a jpeg, png, or pdf; if your image does not fulfill file criteria, convert it by using an online file converter. Then remove the excessive white part from the picture. Trim all the edges neatly to get the real picture of your design.

Set the Proportions 

Maybe you are looking for an embroidery digitizing service Canada to set accurate proportions for your design. You are learning about logo digitization right now, so it’s ok to take some help! It will give you the perfection you want in your digitization process. Whatever the proportion you set, you have to keep in mind that the output you get will be a replication of the size of your final product. So, you need to be more focused and work attentively at this stage.

Now, set the suitable embroidery stitch size for your logo. Don’t forget to lock the picture before moving on to the next step. Otherwise, you will lose all your efforts. 

Select the Stitch Type for a Logo 

Once you have uploaded a picture, now is time to move on to select the suitable stitch type for the logo. The stitch type can vary depending on the fabric which you want to carve your design. They can be changed according to the texture of the fabric. 

Furthermore, keep in your mind that all fabrics never go under the same category. Some are rough, while others are slippery and soft. Handing all kinds of material for logo digitization, it’s not a piece of cake; you need to think about which type of stitches looks good with the particular fabric. Otherwise, the outcomes will not be good enough, and you will face disappointment after all the troublesome endeavors. 

For instance, if you want to digitize your brand’s logo from professional digitizers and get a 3d effect, you can take a 3d puff embroidery service! These experts can create 3d designs in any size, shape, and color. 

Straight To the Embroidery Machine

The logo digitizing for embroidery becomes painstaking if you skip this essential step. How intensely painful for you to see your mixed-up patterns? It’s like all your efforts become wasted. To avoid the wastage of time and thread, you need to set the direction of your stitches.

It will work for the whole digitization process and your smart move to instruct the machine for each stitch. You need to do more practice to follow the roadmap of stitching. 

Pick Up the Thread Colors

You can take the chart to select the suitable colors for your design, but make sure it matches the actual color of your logo. The shades are divided into wider categories, from darker to lighter. 

Test the thread onto the spare piece of fabric before the digitization of your final logo. 

Transfer the Embroidery File

After selecting colors, it’s time to move on to transfer your file to the machine. Make sure your machine is familiar with that file. You just need to transfer your file to the machine by using a USB, flash drive, or data cable and let the machine handle your hassles! 

Get the Machine Ready For Digitization 

Arrange your machine and make it familiar with the structure of the design. You need to take a look that all the essential elements are in their place, like suitable thread, the correct needle, and others. 

Now, adjust the fabric into the frames and slide them into the machine. Your final logo is on the way to digitalization!

Move On To the Final Version 

Now the machine is performing the task of taking you your final digitized logo. It takes some time, just relax and take over the machine to inspect the adjustments and errors. If something gets wrong, you can make some changes rather than ruining your range of logos. 

Wrapping Up! 

Digitization of embroidered logos is less complicated than creativity. Over many years, companies have used their logo to promote their brand. 

Now you have learned about how to digitize your logo for embroidery digitizing. You can create your vector embroidery logo for your business or offer logo digitization services with your creative skills.

Keep the suggested points in your mind to boost your creative embroidery skills and enhance the versatile beauty of dresses in a modern way.