Canada’s Vector Art Conversion Service - Amaze Your Artistic Instincts is a highly trusted vector art conversion service across Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City and Ottawa that helps you preserve complex and fine details and achieve a crisp and clear image.

Canada's Popular Vector Conversion Service: What It Includes

Our professional vector conversion service in CA offers a diversified area of help that includes vector art conversion for logos, portraits, regular images, and much more. The blurry, unclear and poor-quality images are transformed into tidy and clean images, without missing out on any fine details. The achieved outcomes can be further used for billboards, banners, printing purposes, business cards or even in for personal use! We excel in online logo digitizing as well.

EmbroideryDigitizingCA is the titan of the industry and offers top-quality online vector art conversion services to an array of businesses. You can shoot your requirements to us within 60 seconds and expect the following perks:

  • Live Chat 24 Hours: Communicate live with the graphic designer who is given the charge of your order. You can express your confusions and get them resolved instantly.
  • Insane Turnaround: Although the regular turnaround of our digital art conversion service is 24 hours. But in case of urgency, we don't mind delivering within 6 hours.
  • Limitless Amendments: Don't feel fulfilled with the delivered art conversion designs? Never mind! Allow us to fix the issues within the least time, without any extra cost.
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    Despite having infinite vector conversion service websites, customers turn to us to get vector conversion services. That's because of the out-of-ordinary features offered by us. Explore them below, and you'd be enthralled.

    Genius Designers

    Work with innovative souls, called vector designers.

    Fastest Turnaround

    Nobody likes waiting! We deliver within 12 hours or less.

    Latest Technology

    Experts here used latest technology for efficient results.

    Satisfaction Assured

    Systems aren't turned off until your approval is received.

    Cheapest Rates

    We offer cheapest vector art conversion service in CA.

    Any File Format

    We send /receive files in every possible format for ease.

    Quality Assurance

    The QA ensures every order is crafted according to guideline.

    24/7 Service

    CSRs are available 24/7 to help you with your doubts.


    Want to nourish your faith in us? Check our samples, including the HIT vector conversion artwork by our skilled and innovative artists. These samples demonstrate our capabilities and will scale up your faith in us.

    Vector Art Conversion Vector Art Conversion
    Vector Art Conversion Vector Art Conversion
    Vector Art Conversion Vector Art Conversion
    Free-Spoken Reviews about

    Firstly, thanks for the smooth order process EmbroideryDigitizingCA. It was very simple to deal with you guys. Secondly, I am honestly surprised at the quality of the vector converted by you. Exact same design, colour, and everything else. Besides, the charges for such top-quality vector conversion were so low. Brilliant service, for sure.

    Edwina Rated 4.95/5 By 3000+ Businesses
    Representing 5 Stars Reviews.

    It was a pleasant experience working with EmbroideryDigitizingCA! The expert converted my raster and blurred image into a fine vector. The details were pretty obvious. I wanted a logo vector conversion for marketing purposes, and I am very satisfied. I will hire this best and most affordable vector art converter for upcoming business events.

    Lillian Rated 4.95/5 By 4000+ Businesses
    Representing 5 Stars Reviews.

    Hello EmbroideryDigitizingCA – I wanted to let you know that my boss really liked the vector converted artwork. It was perfectly drawn, and the colours were just the way I wanted them to be. The design was very clear, and it became very easy for us to get it printed on billboards. Your support and efforts are highly appreciated.

    Graeme Rated 4.95/5 By 5000+ Businesses
    Representing 5 Stars Reviews.

    You guys have done a wonderful job! I must say, this is the best vector art conversion service in Canada. I am delighted by the customer service of EmbroideryDigitizingCA. Besides, the designers were helpful. They suggested me add an element to my design. I wasn't sure, but I trusted them. And the end results are worth it.

    Sherlock Rated 4.95/5 By 5500+ Businesses
    Representing 5 Stars Reviews.
    Vector Art Conversion
    Vector Art Conversion

    Canada's Top-Rated Vector Conversion Service

    Team up with expert designers (visual originators) who supply extraordinary vector artwork services to actualize your ideas into awesome digitalized artwork. The achieved vectored pictures can be scaled without any limitation and loss of aims. Allowing us to use our custom vector art conversion only means letting your idea furnish.

    The main essence of the picture is never lost. You have complete control of how you want your end result to be. Our custom vector art's adjustable and flexible nature always results in mind-blogging digital art. We guarantee to hand over you the most astounding quality of converted digital work that will leave you stunned.

    All we need from you is a basic idea or concept of your design. If you have an image, that would be even better. Otherwise, you can explain the concept to the top-drawer designers, and they'd join the dot themselves. The offered formats are not specific because they don't limit us. Just tell us about the format and we'd manage.

    Hire Expert's Vector Graphic Services and Expand Your Imagination Potential DIGITALLY PAINTING YOUR IDEAS

    What's stopping you? Send your cool ideas or image to us and convert them into trendy and kicky vector images! Expand your imagination potential today.

    Professional Vector Art Conversion Services In Canada – Fill Your Design With A Vision WE SATISFY YOUR CREATIVE URGES

    Over the years, we have established ourselves as the best vector artwork conversion service provider in Canada! Our diverse range of services envelopes several aspects of conversion for various purposes.

    Budget-Friendly Vector Conversion Art Service In Toronto

    Gone are the times when businesses had to spend a lot to avail of professional vector art conversion services! Our website makes customized and high-resolution digital artwork services very affordable. With us, online art conversion is pretty cheap. Not just that, but we also make low-priced embroidery 3d puff hats as well.

    Affordability is the one thing that the audience misunderstands as "low quality". However, that's not all the case here. Our company has minimized the prices to make sure you get the best quality services without excessive spending. Therefore, ditch the "self-claimed" experts who overcharge and yet deliver ordinary quality results.

    Freshen Up Old Designs With CA's Vector Conversion Service

    Have some images that are very close to your heart, but they are losing their crispness over time? We can help you preserve them in their best form without impacting any design appearance! EmbroideryDigitizingCA has the best digital art conversion services that can craft digital art with any resolution.

    Be it complex illustrations or large hoardings, it's all achievable by us. Hence, you never have to stop yourself for any reason. Our company deals with a diversified set of requirements and can craft vivid digital art portraying your business goal. Whether you want something from scratch or want to revamp an old image, we do anything for you.

    Canada's Fastest Vector Graphics Conversion – 12 Hr. Delivery

    Short on time? Want a digitalized image within 12 hours or less? Run to experts! Undoubtedly, vector graphics conversion isn't something simple and cannot be achieved overnight. But as we have been practising this skill set for years, our designers have gained perfect command over it. Therefore, if you're short on time, we'd still help.

    Vector conversion service is the favourite sport of our designers. And when you keep on practising something for years and years – what happens? You become the master of it! That's the exact reason why we can deliver the most complex design, even within 6 hours. Urgent deliveries are one of our unique USPs popular all over the country.

    Leveraging Advanced Software For Efficient Vector Conversion

    We believe in adapting to modernized technologies. This means we have familiarized ourselves with all the advanced software that is used in digital artwork transformation. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Easy Trace, and many more are used by us. The designers here are fully familiar with all the required software needed for efficient digital artwork transformation.

    Not just that, but to turn down all the geographical barriers, we have made our services available across Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City and Ottawa. Businesses from Canada, and worldwide send their designs/concepts to us, and we translate them into digital artwork. Hence, don't overthink – and place your order now.

    Best-In-Class Vector Graphics Conversion In Canada At Affordable Rates