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At EmbroideryDigitizingCA, we take great pride in delivering fantastic, top-quality custom embroidery digitizing with passion every day. With the collaborative effort of awesome digitizers, experienced craftsmen, and creative designers, our embroidery digitizing company has raised the benchmark. Here are a few other reasons why we are the most-chosen digitizer in CA:

Highest Quality Machine Embroidery Digitizing

With perfect stich density, least jump stitches, ideal stich angle and perfect thread direction, our online embroidery digitizing guarantees the highest quality end product. Besides, the Quality Assurance team ensures we deliver beyond what you have pictured in mind.

Affordably-Priced Digitizing Embroidery Service

Luxurious custom embroidery & digitizing service can be opted for a very affordable price tag. As opposed to other online embroidery digitizing companies, we offer a fairly reasonable rate. Despite the cheap embroidery digitizing service, the standards are never sacrificed.

100% Satisfaction Is Guaranteed By Us ln Any Case

What's the point of hiring the best embroidery digitizing service if you aren't satisfied by the end? We understand that! Therefore, our website assures 100% customer satisfaction by all means. The customer is kept in the loop for the whole time to achieve assurance.

The quick overview of our pricing would be $20 for the left chest & cap, $40-$50 for mid-size (5-7 inches) digitization, and $99 for jacket and vest back digitized embroidery.

In that case, we guarantee unlimited free revisions until you are fully satisfied with the end product. A happy customer is the main goal of our service.

We take almost take 2 working days to deliver digitized embroidery. However, in case a customer needs a fast turnaround, we can deliver within 12 hours (for a little extra fee).

Award Winner
  • Impressions Awards 2019 Winners: Embroidered Stock Design
  • Artwork Awards 2022: Digitizing Artistry & Most Creative Use of Emb. Logo

Turn On Your Creative Side with This Embroidery Digitizing Services in CA OUTSOURCE WITH CONFIDENCE

Turn on your creative side by opting for a professional company to get custom digital needle work. We are the leading digitizers across Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City, Ottawa and parts of the country, whom you can outsource with confidence. Perfect digitizing for embroidery helps a needle recognize its path during the final production phase. Hence, it's important to get everything right.

Not just that, but digitizing for embroidery plays a role in strengthening your marketing game as well! The beautifully embroidered outcomes achieved can be attached to any surface to promote your brand or its logo. Be it online hat digitizing or digital needle work, we have mustered up enough industry experience. Therefore, you can count on us for custom embroidery & digitizing services.

To keep customers on top of the competitive curve, we pay equal attention to the client's experience. Every design we receive is converted into pixels and is sent to the customer for assurance. If they aren't delighted – we consider their feedback very seriously and fix the issues without charging anything extra. Top quality digitizing for embroidery, low prices, and best client support are like a middle name for EmbroideryDigitizingCA.


This custom embroidery and logo digitizing company is the epitome of all services that are related to digitizing. Whether you want vector art conversion or machine embroidery digitizing at reasonable amount– you got us at your back.

Vector Art Conversion Vector Art Conversion
C$20 For 18 Hours Delivery Time
Embroidery Digitizing Embroidery Digitizing
C$20 For 18 Hours Delivery Time
Custom Patches & Badges Custom Badges
Starting From C$6


Finding the best embroidery digitizing services near me in Toronto? Here we are! The leading embroidery digitizing company across Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City, and Ottawa. You can hire us in 3 easy steps:

Share The Artwork
Redirect Your Artwork To Us

Send your order details to us, pay in advance, and we'd start working on it. The CSR team will keep you updated regarding your order.

Review The Design
Give Your Valuable Feedback

Within the decided timeframe, your order will be delivered to you. Don't like it? Tell us what's wrong, and our digitizers will fix it for free.

Get The Final Delivery
Get The Final Delivery

The final design will be handed over to you after your approval! Use your digitized design just the way you want it.


Want more convincing to place faith in us? See the digitized embroidered samples that have been delivered by us so far. These samples demonstrate our capability to digitize any possible design. Take a look at them:

Embroidery Digitizing Embroidery Digitizing
Embroidery Digitizing Embroidery Digitizing
Embroidery Digitizing Embroidery Digitizing
Custom Patches Custom Patches
Custom Patches Custom Patches
Custom Patches Custom Patches
Vector Art Conversion Vector Art Conversion
Vector Art Conversion Vector Art Conversion
Vector Art Conversion Vector Art Conversion
Clients Votes For EmbroideryDigitizingCA With High Spirits

Hey! I'd take this opportunity to thank you for delivering such classy and beautiful digitized embroidery. It was just the way I wanted it to be. When I turned it into a fabric logo, it looked really nice. The needle worked perfectly because every stich was very clear throughout the design. Great work, EmbroideryDigitizingCA!

Payton Rated 4.9/5 From 4000+ Businesses
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Online embroidery digitizing is really expensive these days, but I was shocked to see this cheap embroidery digitizing service in CA. The customization in the design was perfect. The colours were very nicely embedded, and they didn't mix even. I must say – a very professional and affordable digitizer in Canada.

Farley Rated 4.9/5 From 5000+ Businesses
Showing Our 5 Stars Reviews

Impressive digitized embroidery. They offered me free revisions, but they were not needed. I can confidently vouch for this digitizing embroidery service because everything about them is worth praising. From quality to pricing and customer service – they are overdoing it. A must-hire affordable custom digitizing embroidery service.

Stanford Rated 4.9/5 From 4450+ Businesses
Showing Our 5 Stars Reviews

Expert digitized embroidery service by EmbroideryDigitizingCA. They are just "WOW" people. Followed all my specifications and delivered beyond what I expected. The perfection screamed through every inch of the design. Besides, their customer service is very fast. I received my design within a very less time frame. Thanks a lot, guys.

Vail Rated 4.9/5 From 3000+ Businesses
Showing Our 5 Stars Reviews
Panic Parrot - Embroidery Digitizing


Turning your vision artwork into digitalized embroidery is what defines us and our embroidery digitizing service in CA. By harnessing the experience of more than a decade, our specialist digitizers personally attend to every order.

Offering Reliable Embroidery Digitizing Solutions in Toronto

We are among the top recognized embroidery digitizing companies that hold several years of experience under their belt. When you send us your concept, or perhaps the vector – you get leveraged from the most innovative designers and professional digitizers. All of them work collaboratively to breed incredible designs that will jog your audience's memory forever.

The complexity or intricateness of any image is never a hurdle for us due to our access to the most recent technology. The potential of advanced software is reaped to the optimized levels, so we can come up with outstanding results in small probable. We believe in working with high levels of efficiency to offer the best reliable and custom embroidery digitizing services.

CA's #1 Embroidery Digitizing Company for All Digitizing Needs

Over the years, our embroidery digitizing company has perfected the art of various types of digitizing. From manufacturing top-quality 3d puff embroidery patches to offering vector art conversion, logo digitizing, and hat digitizing! You can be cocksure about this custom embroidery digitizing service in Canada, irrespective of whatever you are eyeing for.

Using our decade of experience in spanning trillions of designs, we are empowered enough to craft production-oriented designs with the least stitches and trims. The experienced digitizers are always on their toes to recommend the best alternate layout and quick changes that can enhance the overall design. As a virtue, the outcome achieved is better than expected.

Sparklingly Affordable Custom Embroidery & Digitizing Service In CA

A misunderstanding "quality isn't cheap" often leads businesses to overspend. Our company busts this myth. EmbroideryDigitizingCA is among Canada's most recognized and cheapest embroidery digitizing companies that offer top-quality embroidery digitizing at cheap rates. The flat rates are further discounted to pamper businesses with the market's lowest rates.

Quality is the cornerstone of our service. The standards practiced by us make us outstand the fierce market. Therefore, we have solid reasons for never compromising on quality. The rigorous adherence to standards is the basic thing that has derived us from a startup to the country's leading name. Therefore, our cheap digitizing embroidery service can be your call.

Crispy Embroidery Digitizing That Can Make You Droll Over

Along with affordable prices, commitment to supplying the best quality digitized outcomes, and fast customer service – we assure creative and brilliant embroidered digitized results as well. The talented designers and digitizers work together to tremendously boost your concept and achieve jacked-up outcomes. Your conceptualized design is punched up with experienced insights and a hint of creativity.

Not just you, but eye-popping results manage to reside in your audience's hearts and minds forever! We don't just turn your artwork into a digitalized design; instead, we believe in soaring up the overall potential of your idea. That's why our services stand out among all other embroidery digitizing companies in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City, and Ottawa.

Get Best Custom Digitizing Embroidery Services In A Click STITCHING INNOVATION IN EACH DESIGN

Got a design looming your head? Or want to elevate your marketing? Our custom digitizing embroidery service is the only solution. Hire Canadian experts in a click and be ready to tow success with you.


What makes you the best embroidery digitizer in Canada?

Shortest answer: Our experience makes us the best among all embroidery digitizing companies in Canada. Digitizing is a tricky process, and outcomes rely on the masterfulness of a digitizer. Since we are the oldest digitizing embroidery service provider, we know how to capture perfection.

What is digitizing, and why is it imp to hire an external source?

It is basically a process to digitalize the artwork. As a result, during the production phase, the needle has a path to follow, and all the stitches fall in the right place. Embroidered digitizing is no less than an artwork that requires years of practice. Hence, hiring external sources is important.

How long do you take to digitize an artwork into embroidered design?

It depends upon the complexity of your artwork; however, we have very efficient and fast digitizers who can turn any design into a digitized piece of artwork within 48 hours. In case you urgently need it, we don't mind speeding up the process and delivering it within 24 hours.

Are there any charges if I want changes in my embroidered design?

No! Since 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed by us, there will be no additional charges if you want any changes in your embroidered design. We practice a free revision policy in our embroidered digitizing services. Hence, you can be stress-free in that terms.

Can you digitize any design into embroidery for my business?

Of course. Our expertise enables us to digitize any artwork into an embroidered design. We have been a part of this marketplace for a very long time. Businesses often come to us with intricate and tough designs – but the experts here ace that very confidently.

Is your digitizing embroidery service in Canada affordable?

Yes. Our digitizing embroidery service in Canada is highly affordable. And not just Canada, but our embroidery digitizing company offers extremely cheap services all over Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City, and Ottawa.

Canadian Leading Embroidery Digitizing Company That’s Over-Particular For Customer’s Satisfaction.