3D puff embroidery Canada
3D puff embroidery Canada

3D Puff Embroidery: Everything You Need To Know About!

Human beings are curious souls. They are always on a mission to alter and produce ‘something new.’ Each day, we are coming up with new ideas and better technologies to make our life easier and more vibrant. And there are no different scenarios when it comes to fashion and clothing. Trendsetters are always on the lookout for bringing something fresh into the fashion market. So the fashion divas started pouring in ideas to make textile items like your clothes and bag look more ‘attractive.’ Then the era of execution of ideas like skinny jeans, embroidered bags, and bell bottoms started. That’s where someone suggested why not play with different types of embroideries. That’s where 3D puff embroidery enters the scene to make your patches look more ‘special’ than ever. 

3D puff embroidery helps your designs to ‘stand out.’ If you’re looking for something different in the world of embroidery designs, then your search might come to an end with 3D puff embroidery. It is a technique that adds texture and raised volume to your design. It elevates your design from the surface with the help of foam. As a result, the elevated design gives a three-dimensional effect. Hence, the embroidery is known by the name ‘3D puff embroidery.’

Let’s Take A Closer Look At 3D Raised Embroidery

The Mechanism Behind 3D Puff Embroidery:

The 3D puff embroidery effect can be achieved by hand, a sewing machine, or a commercial-grade heavy machine. The foam serves the purpose of supporting the stitches and lifting the embroidery design, giving a pop-out 3D effect. The stitches are created by wrapping the thread over the foam and giving it a hold over the surface. 

The foam makes it easier to work on designs with a perfect underlay border, but you must wrap it with satin stitches. Foam embroidery has a limited application; you can use it only for a handful of designs that are not too tricky.

Where To Get 3D Puff Embroidery From?

We have mentioned before that 3D embroidery requires the help of foam to create that heightened appearance or raised texture. It will easily make your logo or art pop. Caps are the most popular options for these puffy embroidery designs, but you can also use them on several other accessories. You may have already encountered them several times in the market or seen an individual carrying them in style. 

There are countless digitizing service providers that you can reach out to in your area by searching for 3D puff embroidery near me. They will get your desired customized puffy designs on your hats, caps, or clothes. The embroidery cannot achieve that 3D effect without the use of foam, which helps the embroidery ‘stay up’ from the surface.

Difference Between Flat Embroidery vs. Puffy Embroidery:

Flat embroidery and 3D puff embroidery are two types of techniques used for apparel embellishment. There are positive aspects and negative aspects of every type. 

In flat embroidery, we stitch the design onto the flat surface directly without adding anything. Therefore, it only gives a two-dimensional appearance. Flat or regular embroidery is a handy alternative for designing complex patterns, logos, and much more.

3D puff embroidery differs from regular embroidery with its use of a piece of foam under the design. The foam is inserted between the surface and threads and sewn over to create that classy puff look. The foam is also responsible for giving the design that popular 3D effect. You cannot achieve that raised textured look without the use of foam in this type of embroidery. However, the usage of foam makes it very difficult for the machine to sew over it as the foam doesn’t stay in one place. Puffy embroidery is also used for logos on caps, jackets, or personalized items. 

Flat embroidery is suitable for more intricate and complex designs as it can achieve smooth and clean results. At the same time, puff embroidery is popular for designs that require a three-dimensional effect. It can make any artwork stand out. Both techniques have their charm, and which one to pick depends on your personal style preference, your item, your design type, and the fabric you will put it on.

In summary, the main difference between both these needlework options is their creation process. We sew threads on a flat surface to create a design emitting a 2-dimensional effect in flat stitching. On the other hand, we insert an extra substance between the surface and the thread to create that “puffy” look. Ultimately, it results in a three-dimensional design. You can use different threads for flat embroidery, but to achieve the raised look, only satin stitches are the perfect option.

Is 3D Puff Embroidery Expensive? 

Yes, embroidery with 3D puff typically costs more than flat surface embroidery. These types of designs may cost you between $2.00-5.00 and more for each design. The reason behind its cost difference from the regular embroidery designs is that it requires an extra amount of stitches to keep the base-like foam in place. After that, the clan process requires the heavy embroidery machine to slow down by up to 40% to keep the results sharp and neat and avoid breakage of thread. 

The costly embroidery technique can also serve as a great business idea for you. If you invest in learning and setting up a system for designing 3D designs on your caps, you can easily double your money. By selling these trendy items to fashion lovers, you can even start your own 3D puff embroidery service. Your focus should be on what’s in demand right now and making your designs more and more versatile and attractive. Learn techniques to enhance your embroidery skills. And you are ready to start your business.

Designing And Limitations: 

There are several limitations and steps to consider while making a puffy embroidery design for a polished final product according to your expectations. Puffy embroidery goes well only with simple and prominent designs. Achieving fine designs with this technique may prove to be a bit hard for you. Go for simpler designs and larger font sizes.

Choosing the right text size is a crucial step. The bigger your text is, the more prominent your 3D design will be. Also, your design should be a moderate size. If your design is too small, it won’t be able to display the 3D factor. But if your design ends up going too big, it might look unpleasant to the eyes. 

Choose the color of the design, keeping the color of your foam in mind. The foams available for these purposes are usually black or white. Go for colors that will sit well with black or white foams in the background. 

The type of surface or fabric you are attaching your design to also matters. Some types of fabrics might not support the puffy style embroidery. Always conduct a patch test before proceeding with the whole design. It is important to know that the design will look good ony our chosen fabric. 

Your design requires to be digitized in a specific manner if you’re going for 3D puff embroidery. The digitization method of these designs is different from that of the regular embroidery ones. You can go for any of the several digitizing service providers throughout the market for this purpose. 


Now that you know everything one must need to know about the basics of 3D Puff Embroidery, it’s time to go shop for some cute hats with customized puffy embroidery. If you’re more of a DIY person and like to experiment with new techniques, you can even make your own at home!

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