Embroidered Logos For Your Brand
Embroidered Logos For Your Brand

Transform Your Brand With Embroidered Digitized Logos

A company’s logo is not just a symbol. 

It’s an experience that a customer recalls when they see a logo. It plays a huge part in marketing strategies. 

But how can people remember the company’s logo?

When they get to see it clearly and consistently. Right?

No matter how far digital marketing goes, the pleasure of traditional one has its own. Companies have now realized the benefits of their logo and are experimenting with different approaches to it. 

One of the trendy techniques is to embroider digitized logos. This craftwork is then distributed as badges among customers or pasted on staff or employees’ uniforms. 

So whenever people meet your staff or see your logo, they remember it. And after some time, when exposed again to it, they recall the experience. 

Now we know that you also want to digitize your logo. Therefore, we are here with a guide to teach you how to embroider digitized your company’s logo as well. 

How To Embroidered Digitized Your Brand’s Logo

Whenever we want to try new things, we learn and practice them.

The same is the case with embroidered digitizing. It is a complex task to do on your own. Therefore if you want desired results, you have to experiment a lot. 

Moreover, if you want to digitize your logo, you must have these two things. 

  • Software to read and compose a stitch file
  • Embroidery machine to translate that file and provide results

If you don’t have these things, then there is another option you can opt for. There are various online sites that provide logo digitizing services. You can avail of their help too. 

Now if you got both of these necessities, then you can follow the steps below. 

Upload Your Logo Design To The Digitizing Software

The first thing that you have to do is to upload a jpg or png file of your embroidery design or pattern on a computer. Then open it in the software and make some design changes if wanted. You can crop or remove the parts you don’t want, or you can enhance it as well. 

Moreover, you can also create your own design and crop, colour or resize it on your preferences. 

Adjust The Size Of The Embroidery Design 

If you want your embroidery design to come out as you want it to, then you must enter the correct dimensions of the design. 

Therefore, it is crucial to insert or adjust the size of the artwork before processing it for the next step. 

You can also review your file on the computer to check the adjustments and make changes if it’s incorrect. 

Select The Right Stitch Type

There are many stitched types that can be used to create various designs. Each stitch type can create different textures, looks and decorations. But you must consider the length of the thread. Moreover, the fabric’s material and the fabric’s push-and-pull effect should also be considered for selecting the stitch type. 

A few of the common stitch types are straight, satin and fill stitch. 

  • Straight stitch is used for detailing, shading and outlining
  • Satin stitch is used for creating letters or words, borders and a shiny effect
  • Filling stitch is used for filling, texturing and on large graphics

Excluding the above, there are many more types available, too, for different purposes. So select the one which goes with your artwork.

Instruct The Stitch Direction

When you select the stitch type, it’s time to choose the stitch direction. 

Selecting a stitch direction is like providing a map to the stitching machine, so it crafts embroidery accordingly. Instructing the machine about the directions is important because each design requires different stitchings. Missing this step can lead to a lot of bumps or irregular patterns. Thus, giving it a particular direction can save your time. 

Choose The Embroidery Thread Colors Wisely

Embroidery is all about playing with colorful threads.

Selecting the thread color priory is essential, so you don’t have to redo the whole process again. You can also take help from online Canada embroidery digitizing sites if you are unsure about color selection. They will guide you in picking the right colors. As a result, you’ll get amazing embroidery.

Make sure to use contrasting colors to get an appealing look. And avoid adding a lot of colours in one design as it seems messy. You can choose the ones that represent your company’s values. 

Transfer The Stitch File To The Embroidery Machine

When you have finished designing and composing the stitch file. 

It’s time to copy the stitch file into the machine with the help of any cable or USB. As the embroidery machine only reads these files while running the process. Thus, it is important to give the right instructions to process further.

Prepare The Embroidery Machine 

As it is important to set everything before coming to the final step.

The same happens in embroidery machines too. You have to provide it with a stitch file. Set all the instructions about needles, threads, orientations and embroidery sequence. 

Moreover, you have to arrange all the material on the frame of the machine and set them into its arms. And when everything is set correctly, it’s time to proceed to the next and last step. 

Test The Results Of the Embroidery Machine

So the wait is over; it’s time for the results.

Start the machine. And after a few minutes, when the design is ready, analyze it and check if there is any need for improvement. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can experiment more by trying different adjustments. Wait until it comes up with the desired results, and after that, your digitized embroidery logo is ready. 

All in all, these are the above steps that you have to learn and practice so that you can produce your digitized logos. Now it is your creativity to think about how to use them for your benefit. 


Every day new marketing tactics are emerging, but embroidered digitizing logos one is currently trendy. 

No matter what your purpose is, distribute it among the customers as badges or gift custom tees to your staff. These digitized logons will surely impact on rising your sales and brand awareness.

But before that, you must learn how to operate the embroidery machine and produce these artworks. And for this purpose, our guide will surely help you. We have discussed every step in an understandable way. 

So what are you waiting for? Save your time and effort, and grab the embroidery machine. Buy the required material and accessories and create unique logo designs with embroidery digitizing.   

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